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minnies recovery

Last picture, Good Buy my little girl

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We lost Minnie

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    Well, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My Minnie took a return for the worst. She got Vestibular disease. She was so bad, with only one front leg my poor baby just fell over. She was on steroids and sea sick pills for weeks. She couldnt get up to poop or pee. I had to carry her outside to do her business. After a few weeks it got worst. She was eating but loosng weight. At her heaviest she was about 18lbs. After surgery and exercise she was about 15lbs. She was down to 9lbs. Skin and bones. She was no longer walking for about a month. She had to use pee pads. I would find her behind the couch, under the dining room table. She even fell down the stairs. At the end she would poop and pee on herself. She was constantly crying.
    We were back and forth to the Vet. She spent a few days on IV medication at the vet hospital. My doctor finally said “we are losing her”.
    So on Friday May 12th, we put Minnie to sleep. My husband, kids and myself were there by her side as she fell asleep. My little girl is in doggie heaven.
    That is the worst feeling in the world. Im crying as I’m typing. Im sad because I miss her but happy she is no longer suffering.

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Minnies Recovery Day 20

Filed under: Uncategorized — patreynoso at 10:07 pm on Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Mommies Princess

I have just so busy, i’m sorry for not posting lately. So, last Friday she had a check up, the doctor said he didn’t like the way it was healing so he was going to open it up and make fix the flap.
So glad he opened it, she had dead tissue in the incision and he cleaned it up. Now staples are gone, a few stitches and some glue.
She is doing so well, she is running up and down the stairs. Playing and being such a happy little baby.
I bought her a new shirt, so she can not scratch. So super cute, it’s says “Mommies perfect Princess”.
I love the Sam Simon foundation for helping my little princess.
will post a picture soon.

Day 7 after surgery

Filed under: Uncategorized — patreynoso at 12:17 am on Saturday, February 25, 2017

Well Minnie got her bandages taken off. The doctor said he had to cut a little more because he found a cyst there so he removed it. It doesnt look bad, its nicely healing. Maybe next week her staples come out. My poor baby!!!

Question, how do you get them to not scratch!! Now that the bandages are off, she keeps scratching it.

Minnie Post Surgery Day 6

Filed under: Uncategorized — patreynoso at 10:41 pm on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Well, this little girl is something else. I have to use baby gates to keep her away from the stairs. She is now sleeping in bed with me since she keeps waking me up at night. It was just so much easier that way (I need sleep). I did have to go back to work so she is alone, but I think she will be ok. My kids get home about 3 pm, so they will be there soon.

She has her one week follow up is tomorrow. Bandages come off!! I am so scared and nervous to see what is under there.

I’m so happy, with her recovery!! I was so worried she would have a hard recovery. Thank you all for your support.

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